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Let Microsoft Excel score your NCAA pool automatically!!!

My College Hoops Pool Scorer can save you a lot of time because it is a customized, automated spreadsheet. Here are some ways that this spreadsheet is the perfect solution to quickly and easily score your pool:

The College Hoops Pool Scorer scores your entire pool by itself!!!

The LeaderBoard converts automatically into a web page. Post it daily on my site for free.

Your pool participants can fill out their brackets through FREE eBrackets.

  Click here to see a full bracket.

Click Here to Buy! All Versions $11.99!

If you have a unique scoring system, I can add it to the program!!

Click Here to Download and Try it for Free    25 sheets

If you get a "Windows protected your PC" message, click More info and then Run Anyway.

Click Here to Download and Try it for Free    50 sheets

Click Here to Download and Try it for Free    75 sheets

Click Here to Download and Try it for Free  100 sheets

Click Here to Download and Try it for Free  150 sheets

Versions with 200 sheets or more require at least 128 MB RAM

Click Here to Download and Try it for Free  200 sheets

If you need more than 200 sheets, I can link 2 or more spreadsheets together. Email me for more information.

eBrackets come with the purchase of the College Hoops Pool Scorer absolutely FREE!!!

Imagine Having this Complete Leader Board in a Matter of Minutes not Hours.....






















Trust My 10+ Years of Spreadsheet Knowledge

Don't waste endless hours calculating each sheet after each round.  Input each sheet into Excel only once and let the spreadsheet automatically calculate the score of all of the sheets after each round or even after each gameI upgrade this program every year!

Get the Expertise You're Looking For

Jeff Nally has 10 years' experience developing spreadsheet applications. I hold a Bachelor's degree from the University of Louisville (A top 35 Business School). Much more than an Excel technician, I have the business background to understand your company's needs. Additional skills include:

  • Experienced in Excel application, including some Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) knowledge.
  • Able to create a customized spreadsheet from scratch  to meet your needs (Whatever they are!)
  • I've been tweaking this spreadsheet for five years now.  Its finally  perfect.  Download the demo and see what I mean.

Customer Testimonials

"The spreadsheet works very well.  Its so easy to use.  I sincerely appreciate your efforts on designing the bracket." - Val S.

"You got it--thanks! The spreadsheet works perfectly.
I look forward to sending you more business in the near future." -Rick T.

"This spreadsheet is going to save me a lot of time. It's exactly
what I needed
--thanks for doing it so  inexpensively!" -Kenny C.

"I'm HAPPY! Thanks Jeff. You didn't let me down. I will keep
your name handy for future reference and let my friends know I found
an Excel expert who has all the answers." -Elizabeth S

"Thanks a lot Jeff!!! That's exactly what I was looking for ...
Thanks for your valuable help." -Doug M.

"Thank you very much! and thank you for that speedy reply.
Your idea worked out great!
" -Bill H.

Fast Turnaround, Easy Payment

If you have another project, many projects can be completed in less than a week, or even by the next day if required. And when the project is completed, you can pay quickly and conveniently via credit card using PayPal. Pat Nally is PayPal verified, so you can make transactions with confidence!

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